Tell Your Story

Let’s Turn Memories into Moments You’ll Keep Reliving.

Authentic Video Storytelling for Couples & Brands

So, while you’re busy savoring the moment, I’ll be capturing video content that you and the world can watch anytime, anywhere, and feel like you’re back there all over again.

Whether you’re tying the knot or promoting your brand, as a video content creator, I believe it takes passion. Passion for understanding your story’s spirit, passion for capturing authenticity of the moment, passion for translating your vision into a video you can’t turn away from.

These days, it’s easy to point a phone camera and freeze a moment, but what does it take to capture a vibe? A vision? To tell a story that elicits emotion and creates a connection?

You Make the Memory. I Capture the Story.

Whether we tell a love story or create brand videos, together, we’ll capture your vibe and vision so the final cut is something you can’t keep off replay. Trust me!

Ready to tell the story behind your brand? These promotional video production packages help your brand story get all the attention it deserves. Perfect for artists, influencers, and brands.

Content Packages

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting a lifetime for! Explore different event video production packages that can help you keep your eyes on the only thing that matters: your partner.

Wedding Packages

Every moment has a story, and every story has a spirit. The spirit of your love. The soul of your brand. When we work together, I help you create a vision that finds and captures it through video storytelling.

Illuminate the Spirit of Your Story.

I believe the waves of life are meant to be felt, celebrated, and captured. And I’m incredibly passionate about helping you tell stories that reflect those waves. Stories that are beautiful representations of who you, or your brand, are, and I capture them in an authentic way so that you’re never left with regrets about what should have been shown or said.

I’m a Hawaii-based content creator and artist passionate about visual storytelling.

Aloha! I’m Kris Bamba.

They’ve captured my wedding anniversary with my husband and branding for my business and you can really tell that they care deeply in bringing your vision to life. On top of that, Kris always makes me feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera by hyping me up every time!! If you’re not having Kris capture your next big event/milestone, then what are you doing?!

- Megan David

Kris is such a talented videographer!! I 10/10 recommend choosing Kris to capture your next life milestone.

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